Amigo Pro Jnr

Amigo Pro Jnr

Jordy’s formative years travelling with his dad to Hawaii, USA and Australia were crucial to his development not only for him but also for Gee shaping boards to keep up with Jordy’s growing talent.

Using the Billabong and Junior series contests as his proving ground and being exposed to international performance standards from an early age, Jordys boards had to keep up with his ability and growth, which pushed Gee to shape better and better boards through the size from 4’6 to 5’11.

“Getting the rocker curves and rails perfect on small 4’6 – 5’10 performance boards was crucial to help Jordy succeed” says Gee

The junior series is about taking our most proven high performance models and making them go under the feet of our top junior team riders Kai Hall, the Slijpen brothers and Luke Thompson.

Rockers, rails and fin positioning are critical elements to enable groms to develop. It’s essential for us to cultivate the groms with good equipment because it will enable them to progress their surfing and win.