Little Wing


Our Little Wing is based on an old school Twin Fin Fish and is an updated version of a timeless classic Retro.  It carries ample volume throughout which provides you with paddle power, float, and speed to get you zipping through those flat sections in the smaller weaker waves.  We suggest riding it 2″-4″ shorter than your standard shortboard as it still has the characteristics of a ”fun performance” craft. A progressive take on what I was riding in the ’70s combined with Jordy’s input after testing it at Lowers, we made changes and developed it into a speed machine for small to head high surf conditions. We added a “Little wing” 5″ to 6″ inches up from the swallowtail depending on the size of board – this gives us more hold and control when you get up to speed.  It also adds greater bite in the hollower waves and allows for a better turning radius.


A low entry rocker with reverse Vee rolls up in the nose area to help with cushioning your landing when doing airs. The rocker is a naturally flatter curve throughout and has a deep single concave running through the belly of the bottom deck into a pronounced double concave in the tail section. The Little wing will give you a positive response in and out of turns with control and looseness.

Like most modern swallowtails, it carries a slightly wider outline throughout the nose width and in the tail area. As the rail straightens out, the outline pulls in towards the wing – breaking the rail line and reducing the area for better control.

The Little Wing carries more volume in both the nose and tail thicknesses. Allowing a surfer to stand right over your fins and drive the tail in and out of maneuvers with control. With a wider outline, we have dropped the volume off towards the rails, giving us plenty of forgiveness through turns reducing drag considerably to enhance speed and versatility when needed.





Jordy Smith

5’11 x 19 7/8 x 2 11/16 – 34.21L

Matt McGillivray

5’9 1/2 x 19 3/8 x 2 .17 – 29.28L